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Bell Metal
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  • Exquisite dull gold figurines and artefacts are crafted in Bastar &Raigarh region of Chhattisgarh out of brass and bronze.
  • The Ghadwas of Bastar and JharasRaigarh, practice the Dhokra art with the lost wax ribbon and then coasting it carefully with a mix of clay and bay. The wax subsequently is melted off, and the cavity formed is filled with molten metal. When this solidifies, the craftsman reveals the beauty of his creation by cautiously breaking open the outer day shell inspiration is drawn by the craftsperson from his environment; be it the village Ghotul or the forests. Mythological or traditional utilitarian pieces such as combs, lamps etc. are created for daily use. Inspirational artefacts are also ideal for corporate gifts and mementos.
  • The Bastar Dhokra craft for its uniqueness has got “Geographical Indication” No.83 Dated, 12/03/2007 from Registrar of Geographical Indication Chennai, Govt of India.
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